The Ultimate Health Benefits of Using Sacred Clay –

I love talking about clay, because it plays a very important part in my own personal “circle of health.” Clay supplies minerals to the body and helps remove toxins. It can be used internally and externally.

Throughout life, there are two things everyone should do: remove toxins, and give your body what it needs to fight and defeat disease. Minerals are needed by all organs to prosper. Since our soils are depleted, mineral supplements are needed.

Sacred clay is the natural product I discovered after years of searching for the right earth. I prefer sacred clay, because it is a dispersing clay that removes toxins and disperses minerals. Plus, it breaks down easily with water.

Bentonite, on the other hand, swells and absorbs moisture, iron, and other minerals from the body, while sacred clay is much finer and creates a larger surface for toxic contact and removal. Also, sacred clay helps remove some of the mucus formed on the lining of the stomach.

Nature builds an abundance of minerals and attractive forces into sacred clay, knowing that your body will need them in order to:

  • Remove toxins
  • Vitalize your cells
  • Provide electrolytes to your muscles for improved performance and greater stamina
  • Support your heart’s demanding 24-hour work day
  • Build your own digestive juices, enzymes and hormones
  • And, provide mineral/electrical requirements to every organ and gland in the body so they may work more efficiently.

Sacred clay was formed as a byproduct of underground aquifer water converted to steam by deep, molten lava. Lava is molten rock – the primary source of minerals from which all else is derived. The steam and pressure from this process transformed volcanic lava and ash near the surface into sacred clay over a short span of 10,000 years or less (compared to the several hundreds of thousands to millions of years it takes for other clays to form through more common weathering sequences). The formation of sacred clay probably took place within the last 50,000-250,000 years. Geologically speaking, this process is called “hydrothermal alteration,” the result of which is a smaller clay particle size and greater electrical energy. This is part of the reason sacred clay has always shown such beneficial effects when used on the skin, in the bath, internally, and in the garden.

Electrolytes Are Key

Electrolytes are one source of electrical energy for the body. Sacred clay’s beneficial effects are due partly to the electrical energy it provides to the body. Electrolytes are the key to your body’s electrical potential, which is essential for your organs and glands to perform accurately and efficiently. Sacred clay contains 4 electrolytes in rather significant quantities, including sulfate (SO42-), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), and potassium (K+), along with 4 electrolytes in lesser amounts – chloride (Cl-), phosphate (PO42-), sodium (Na+), and hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-).

What Kind of Clay Is Sacred Clay?

Sacred clay is a smectite clay created by nature in a naturally occurring blend of rectorite, illite, kaolinite, and goethite clays. Clay is an excellent broad-spectrum mineral source containing a balanced array of electrolytes needed by every organ and gland in the body. Clay has a very small particle size, ranging mostly from .2 microns to 2 microns, has almost no grit at all, is smooth, silky, and disperses easily in your water or juice, remaining in suspension. Tiny, suspended particles make it easy for the substance to disperse throughout your digestive tract. Many times, the total surface area reaches that of a swelling clay. High surface area means more room for bonding with chemicals, radiation, and heavy metals. Sacred clay is an ideal source through which to infuse your body with essential mineral building blocks. Sacred clay works well on the skin, in facials, in the bath, on wounds and insect bites, in body and tooth packs, and for mouth swishes (like oil pulling). When taken orally, clay enhances stomach juices and detoxifies the intestines, the most toxic organ in the body.

These are several reasons why I will always have sacred clay in my life, internally and externally.