Life should have a sacred meaning. We should treat our bodies like a temple. Most of us don’t and that puts us on the path of shortening our lives and causing disease in older age.

To achieve a healthy state of being you have to put the right things through your body. You are what you put past your lips. Eating right and drinking smart is the path to staying healthy. Your body can not fight off daily bombardments of toxins if it is not healthy.

Through top herbalists, doctors, and holistic healers, we have developed a formulated beverage that will replace your morning beverage, coffee. I know that most of you can’t do without your coffee, but do you want to heal yourself or be on the road to being sick? To us, this is a no-brainer. On top of it, our beverage is great tasting. It is great hot or cold.

We have three formulas: two combined for our monthly program and one for a six-day program for women.

Herbs and tea must be taken in quantity and consistently for them to work. But if you will adopt this practice you will start to heal your body rather than tear it down. If you think about what you consume and how short the pleasure is for the destruction you are causing your body, it hardly makes sense to keep doing what we are doing.

One packet of Sacred Life Dragon Tea makes five cups of delicious tea to be consumed each day, five days a week. The remaining two days enjoy your choice of loose leaf tea.

Our formulated “Sacred Life” tea is based on 22” herbs. Some of the herbs are very special and they nourish the entire body called “Adaptagens” and there are other herbs that provide “Antioxidants” (which heal free radicals) and there are herbs that nourish your heart, liver, kidney, colon, and brain. They cleanse the blood and help with mental stress. They reduce inflamma tion, are anti-cancerous, and anti-viral.

Please refer to the “What the Herbs Do” page to find out the real impact of the formulated herbal tea. All herbs are broken down to what they do.

All of the herbs and teas are “Organic and of the Highest Quality”

The rest of our site deals with loose leaf organic tea and other products for the everyday health of the liver, kidney, colon, and stomach. These organs are of the utmost importance. It is crucial to concentrate on these organs for longevity.