Sacred Life (Why the Tea)


Longevity of life is the result of eating correctly and consuming the right organic herbs. Herbs, vegetables, legumes, and nuts, nourish, protect and heal our bodies.


The organic herbs chosen are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help heal damaged molecules called free radicals. Oxidation and free radicals accelerates our aging process. Herbs such as Hibiscus flower, Rooibos and many others in our formulas help reverse aging.

Holistic Nourishment

Holistic nourishment comes from the earth in its natural form, so your body has its best chance to recognize it, absorb it and utilize it. This nourishment is designed to help heal our bodies.

Organ Rejuvenation

Organic herbs that are specifically chosen for their holistic healing benefits, help rejuvenate the organs of the body.
Keeping our organs as healthy as possible will help combat disease.

Sustained Energy

Sustained Energy is the result of healing and nourishing our organs and overall body. Once your body is working correctly, it can function at a higher level, sustaining energy for longer periods of time.

Nourish and Heal the body

The nourishing properties of herbs are amazing.

Live Long and Prosper.