The other day I read a statement made by Mickey Mantle (famous baseball player from 1951 to 1968) .  Long after his baseball years, he was asked, “If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything?” He answered, “I would have taken better care of myself.” It’s always later in life that you discover the effects of living without knowing or caring. I am always amazed to hear someone say, “You have to die sometime.” I don’t know about you, but I want to die in my sleep; not with fifty tubes attached to my body.  The fact is, we can avoid most diseases. But, it takes knowledge, a plan, and a little discipline to do so.

Being young offers many wonderful things. However, it also offers an equal number of negative things. For example, young people tend to believe they are bullet proof. When we are younger, we are stronger, and do not feel the wear and tear of our poor choices. It’s down the road when those choices finally catch up with us. Here’s the sad thing, it affects everyone around us.

An informed and wise person, would be conscious of what they put into their body. With this mindset, they will be more likely to enjoy life and remain healthy throughout their golden years. However, changing damaging habits to good ones at any age is a great start, along with consuming healing plants and herbs to nourish and repair organs. Being in your thirties, forties, fifties or sixties is not too late. The goal is to nourish and repair organs that defeat toxin invasions.

Unfortunately, there are some toxins we cannot prevent coming into contact with, such as air pollution, radiation from the sun, heavy work outs (believe it or not), and even water. Obviously, water is a basic human necessity. But, bottled water, in particular, can still contain harmful substances. There is no chlorine to kill contaminates.

Thankfully, there are many toxins we can avoid by eating and living organic. Did you know onions and potatoes contain the most pesticides? Alcohol, recreational drugs, and western drugs also contain toxins that we can avoid”. Even though western medicine may slow a sickness down, it never completely cures and normally causes side effects. We all joke about the advertisements from big drug producers that have a disclaimer stating, “If you start bleeding from abnormal places, get dizzy, vomit or want to kill yourself please stop taking this drug.” But, in actuality, this is no joking matter. Many of these drugs we see advertised harm our bodies. So, why not avoid them? My point is that a lot of toxins enter our bodies through both unavoidable and avoidable ways. No matter their entryway, they are too much for the body to handle alone.

Our bodies create antioxidants (Glutathione is the mother antioxidant) to repair molecules that are damaged by toxins (The damaged molecule is called Free Radicals). But, our bodies cannot produce enough to keep up with the constant invasion of toxins from our environment and the foods and beverages we consume.

My first thought is, “How do I get the toxins out of my body Consuming clay and herbs internally and externally is the best method I know. By soaking in clay, you will externally consume it and draw out toxins . And, by drinking clay, you will consume it internally and draw out toxins like a magnet to metal filings. In my next blog, I am going to talk a lot about clay. Not all clay is created equal or achieves the same results.

Supplements are what comes to mind next. But, my view on supplements is that the body only really recognizes natural substances from the earth.  A supplement, to me, would be organic herbs, herbal tea, loose-leaf tea, clay, or minerals and bitters.

Bottom Line, Our Bodies need Help from the Organic Earth