Have you ever thought about the possibilities of living a disease free lifeI mean, without cancers or other devastating life-ending diseases? I have, but not until my later years in life. Seeing your parents and older people start to deteriorate and suffer through diseases makes you realize how “fragile life is,” and wonder “Was there anyway the disease and suffering could have been avoided?”

Losing people we love to sickness is a tremendous sadness that many of us face in life. This painful experience can be avoided with mindful living. But, it has to start at a young age.

Did you know medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy? By leading an organic life from an early age, we can live healthier and longer lives.

There have been multiple studies conducted regarding the starting point of disease. They all point to early consumption.  Preventable disease ranges from 75% to 95%, depending on the study. Hereditary diseases can be kept dormant if people live their life with a plan and avoid unnatural toxins. For example, the commonly used pesticide, “Roundup,” travels from crops into water channels, such as creeks, rivers, and canals, and has a huge effect on all life.

We live in a toxic world. Many daily things we are exposed to, such as water, alcohol and other beverages we drink, the air we breathe, western medicine, and the food we consume contain some form of toxin. For example, the commonly used pesticide, “Roundup,” travels from crops into water channels, such as creeks, rivers, and canals, and has a huge effect on all life. Pesticides can kill up to 99% of life in a field, leaving only the money crop that is GMO based and “Roundup” or pesticide resistant.

You would think with all the data we have on chemicals and their negative effects on the human body, that we would avoid them like the plague, but money continues to rule. Insane, isn`t it? Money trumps preventing diseases.

Research was done in a 440-acre field of chemically farmed land, and no life was found except for a few bugs. Shocking. The life of a plant consists of more than water, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Soil is complex and needs compassionate care in order to give plants the disease fighting components needed.

Diseases do not happen overnight. They start slow and, over the years, can progress into cancers and a basket full of additional health problems. This is why it’s so important to develop good habits early in life. Young people think their bullet proof. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Vegetables contain pesticides if they’re not organic, potatoes and onions being the worst. They all lack minerals and the layers of nutrients they should get from the soil. Bad farming techniques and the mentality of corporate farming are the problem. Their eyes are fixed on the almighty dollar.

People who eat meat or animal products are slowly consuming antibiotics, growth hormones, excess protein (cancer feeds on excessive protein and sugar), and pesticides the animal consumed through their feed. When an animal is killed, the chemicals produced from total fear and other brutal mistreatment are released in its body, and, after consumption, into yours. That was the short list. There is plenty more that could be said.  Out of sight, out of mind is a ridiculous motto to live by. Think about the foods you eat. Have compassion for all living things.

We elect and put our faith in people to keep us safe and healthy. But unfortunately, we cannot always count on those people, because they are usually bought and paid for. Money always wins. Monsanto (maker of “Roundup” and GMO`S) proves this point. So, it’s obvious we need to look out for ourselves. Thankfully there are farmers that see the truth and grow crops the way they were meant to be, ORGANIC. But, even the organic farmer does not take care of his soil the way it should be cared for.

Thus, starting the habit of mindful consumption at a young age is essential for a healthy body throughout life.  Our products are designed to help detoxify your body while helping you prevent diseases that are known to come from pesticides and other widely used chemicals.

Try some for yourself.